The Subscription Economy: Where Are We Heading Now?

SubX World is a new one-day conference for the D2C subscription industry, joining together subscription businesses from retail, media and ecommerce for the first time, on 18th May 2023 in London.

SubX World will explore the spectacular growth of the subscriptions market and take a sharper look at the innovators who are changing the landscape to reveal the new patterns for subscription business models, and opportunities for growth.

Featuring keynotes, case studies and panel discussions from leading subscriptions-based businesses across a wide-range of sectors, alongside unique networking opportunities and meetings with key industry partners, suppliers, and experts – this will be the event for anyone operating in the subscriptions economy.

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  • In-depth case studies from D2C challenger brands
  • Real world business insights from industry experts in technology, marketing, payments and operations
  • Panel discussions exploring the critical factors which drive successful subscription businesses
  • Insights into the growth strategies that subscription businesses are using to disrupt the market
  • Networking and ideas exchanges
  • Key trends, market insights and emerging practice

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SubX World will bring together leading D2C subscriptions businesses and challenger brands across retail and media to explore the unique opportunities and challenges facing subscriptions businesses and share their stories of innovation and growth.

Whether you are an established retail and media subscription brand, new entrants to the market or looking to add subscriptions to your operations - SubX World will provide focused content, learning and networking opportunities to deliver future growth.

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